How to Unlock Any Nokia C7 Astound With an Unlock Code

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Unlock Nokia C7 Astound Cellphone

Nokia C7 Astound Unlocking Instructions:

***IMPORTANT: You only have 3 attempts to enter in your code. So follow the instructions carefully.

1. Power on your phone without any simcard inserted

2. Go to your phone’s keypad. You will need to type in #pw+code+1#

– replace the +1 with the correct number for your carrier (listed below)

– replace the word “code” with your unlock code. If you don’t have an unlock code for your phone, you can get one on our unlock Nokia webpage.

For ROGERS AND FIDO use +7 or +1
For all Telus devices use +5 or +1
For all UK devices use +1
For all Tmobile USA devices use +1

So for example, if the unlock code you received was 223456789012345 and you were locked T-mobile USA, you would type in #pw+223456789012345+1#

Here’s what you must press in order to get the p w and +

– Type #
– press the * key 3 times (you should get a “p”)
– press the * key 4 times (you should get a “w”)
– press the * key 2 times (you should get a “+”)
– Replace the word CODE with your unlock code
– press the * key 2 times (you should get a “+”)
– Then type 1 or 7 for your appropriate phone
– type #

3. You should see the message “Phone Restriction Off”. Your phone is now unlocked.

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