Blackberry Instructions

Instructions on how to unlock any Blackberry cellphone.

How to Find Out If Your BlackBerry is Unlocked

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A. On your BlackBerry, Unlock go Debt to Options > Advanced Options > Sim Card

B. At that screen type MEPD (see note below) on your keyboard. A new menu will pop up.
If your BlackBerry has a SureType keyboard Unlock (71xx and 81xx devices) you will need to double-tap the cheap jerseys P, so Greenpeace the actual keys entered wholesale nba jerseys become M type E P P D.

C. Look mo?na for Network in the list

D. wholesale nba jerseys If your device is unlocked, it cheap nba jerseys should say “Disabled” or cheap mlb jerseys “Inactive”. If it says Active, it’s still locked to that carrier

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