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How Can I Find Out Which Locks Are Enabled On My Sony Ericsson Cell Phone?

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If you have a newer Ericsson cellphone (like the X10, or other models running off the Android OS), you can do the following to see which locks are  enabled:

from keypad dial  *#*#7378423#*#*

A menu should appear with a list of all the locks (as seen below). If there is an X in the box, that would indicate that the lock is enabled. The number to the right lets you know how many code attempts you have left before hard-locking the phone.

[x] network    10
[] network subset   0
[]service provider  0
[]corporate   0
[] sim   0


To find out which locks are enabled on older Sony Ericsson cellphones, you can do the following:

just press:
>*<<*<*  (right arrow, star, left arrow, left arrow, star, left arrow, star)

– Select “Service Info”
– Select “Sim Lock”
– You should see “network”, “network subset”, “service provider”, “corporate”, “extended”.  And next to each you should see a small lock. If the lock is in the locked position, that service is locked. If the lock is unlocked, then that particular service us unlocked (therefore you won’t need a code for it)

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